Today I learned the value of the egg when baking. I was preparing a package of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Brownie Baking Mix (which is pretty easy to make under normal circumstances.) You just take the mix, add an egg, 1/2 cup of oil (or applesauce), and 1/4 cup water. I mixed the ingredients but wasn't happy with the texture. It was kinda crumbly and dry like nothing really dissolved but got wet. I looked at the directions to make sure I added the right amount of additional ingredients - check. I added another 1/4 cup water. Still not right. I check the directions again to see if it uses the word "spread" or "press" into the pan. It says to spread the batter but I don't really think I can "spread" it but maybe it will be okay once baked. I know! I'll add some chocolate chips to help the liquid amount in the mix better equalize. I don't remember it being this weird the last time I made it but it had been a while so maybe I just forgot. I again try to reassure myself that it will be okay once baked. This is after all a gluten-free dairy-free soy-free recipe and they do often look different before baking.

I press it flat with my hands into the 8x8 pan and put it in the oven and hope for the best. As I'm cleaning up my area I notice - the egg!! Shoot! I forgot the egg. I quickly stop the timer pull the pan out and thankfully only 2 minutes have gone by so I should be able to add the egg with no problem. Voila! It NOW looks like brownie batter and the only thing to have really "cooked" were the chocolate chips, and only partly.

The brownies were delicious and more moist than the last time I made them. I'm guessing it's the extra water I added.
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