We are 3 months into our biomedical treatment. We started this journey because we wanted to reduce and/or eliminate the medications that my son is ingesting. He has been taking medicines for ADHD and other stuff since he was 5. There were times we were changing his meds on a monthly basis, either adding or deleting one, or increasing or decreasing the dosages. He is mostly controlled and able to function with the aid of his meds but I hate not knowing what the chemicals could be doing to him long term.

We visited Dr. Kalb in Cool Springs over the weekend to review our first lab tests that were done. The urine and stool samples were collected at home and FedEx'd to Great Plains Laboratory for review. We discovered through the lab results that he seems to have problems digesting the casomorphines or milk proteins, but the gluten proteins don't seem to be bothering him so that's good. He also seemed to have an elevated yeast count. We discussed any improvements that he had been having - more awareness of the world and relevancy of topics being discussed. We explained that he didn't have his ADHD meds one weekend and we were relatively surprised at how well he did. There have been times in the last year that he didn't have his ADHD meds and it was CRAZY! But this most recent time he wasn't bouncing off the walls. He wasn't able to focus on things for very long - even the computer and video games that he could spend hours playing if I let him. Of course he eats much more when he's not using his ADHD meds but given it's a stimulant, it's easy to understand why. His school hasn't reported anything unusual or concerning. His stools seemed to have improved moderately. Despite these observed "improvements", we weren't certain if it was due to the diet or other environmental factors such as a new school, new state of residence, new home  - not to mention he's gettting older.

Due to the milk intolerance we were advised to continue with the GFCFSF diet an additional 3 months before we start introducing glutens back into his diet. He said we could try introducing soy into his diet experimentally to see if he reacts and that we can expect a reaction to take place the same day. Soy has been our greatest challenge! We also discussed what our goals were for Kaleb so he had suggested that we start him on pycnogenal which is water extract from maritime pine bark grown in France. This will be slowly introduced while slowly removing his ADHD meds to see how this improves his focus. Krill oil was suggested to help with focus and concentration. Because he had higher levels of yeast than normal it was suggested that he take probiotics (Innate-Flora) and an anti-fungal (Nystatin) to help reduce the levels of yeast.

So we sent 3 more bottles of meds/supplements to school with him since he's in a residential school. I'm sure they love us! I'm anxious to see how his first week went at school with these meds. This weekend we'll start the Nystatin and increase the Pycnogenal while cutting his Daytrana patch in half. Of course I just refilled a 90-day script for the Daytrana, but fortunately I've met my deductible for the year so I didn't have to pay for it. I heard that some hospitals have a drug recycling program where they can take unused prescription drugs and help others that can't afford prescription drugs. I hope that if this supplement works I can find someway to help someone that would like the Daytrana or any of the other meds I may not need in the future.
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